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English Grammar Online: Intermediate (Levels 4-6)


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Hodges University’s Online English Grammar Program is a sequential system for understanding English grammar patterns from basic to advanced skill levels. Our online program has been designed specifically for adult non-English speakers to understand grammar and speak English confidently.


This course is for individuals who need the flexibility of learning online, have access to a smartphone or mobile device, may be shy or embarrassed to communicate in a classroom or interpersonal environment, and/or want an ESL course designed to deliver quality online English lessons at an affordable price.


This is a non-degree-seeking course offered as part of the Hodges Connect Professional Education and Training Program, where we connect you with the employer demanded skills you need to succeed. 

Intermediate (Levels 4-6): English Grammar Online

Price $299


Understand how to identify and use simple and progressive tenses in present, past, and future time, make comparisons and requests, and seek and give advice and permission. Learn how to combine sentences and use phrasal verbs and linked forms to enhance comprehension and spoken fluency.


This is a self-paced online course. You are purchasing a 6-month subscription to the course content.


English Grammar Online Level 4: By the end of Level 4, students will be able to identify and understand simple past, comparative and superlative, simple future verb tenses, and modals of request and variations of their forms. Practical Application videos include simple past spelling, pronunciation of simple past, will, and be going to, and intensifiers.


English Grammar Online Level 5: By the end of Level 5, students will be able to identify and understand past continuous vs. simple past time, subordinate and coordinate conjunctions, modal verbs of advice and preference, gerund objects. Practical Application videos include past time analysis, sequencing with subordinate conjunctions, giving advice and warnings, and resources for practice.


English Grammar Online Level 6: By the end of Level 6, students will be able to identify and understand gerunds and infinitives in subject and object positions, present perfect vs. simple past and present perfect continuous, and phrasal verbs. Practical Application videos include how gerunds, infinitives, present perfect tenses, and phrasal verbs are used in practical situations and interactions.